The five most expected MMA fights in 2019

The five most expected MMA fights in 2019

There are five most expected MMA fights in 2019. They’re anticipated by many fans, gamers, and professionals. There were some good fights in the last year, but sports fans keep looking ahead in the future.

Top 5 MMA fights to expect in 2019

When it comes to the events expected by both MMA fans and professionals, there are top five fights that deserve attention. Think about Pin-up bet options to wager and win good money.

The first one is the fight between Georges St-Pierre and Tyron Woodley. However, there’s still a chance that St-Pierre may refuse from this fight because he keeps claiming that he isn’t interested in it.

The five most expected MMA fights in 2019

The second one is the fight between CrisJustino II and Amanda Nunes. What chance does she have? The fight between Nate Diaz III and Conor McGregor is anticipated by all fans. Both fighters need a good reason to fight beyond titles and money.

Henry Cejudo and TJ Dillashaw are also going to fight in 2019. It will be the first important event in the UFC schedule. It’s hard not to find intrigue in the future fight because both fighters are entertaining and can present each other many challenges.

Finally, a top pick is the future fight between Tony Ferguson and KhabibNurmagomedov. The main reason is that the UFC tried to book this right in a few previous years with little success. Fans keep wondering what the reasons for canceling it can be. For example, it can be a weight-cut hospitalization or anything else.